Tradition and home and avant-garde cuisine paired in a family business.

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The Cellar

Intensity in red wines and transparency in white wines, from the manual harvest.

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Country house

Cal Gasset is our family's manor house built in 1868.

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Restaurant Cal Travé

Cal Travé is a former café and inn turned restaurant that passionately combines traditional local cuisine with avant-garde cooking.

We start the day by making bread; we are descendants of bakers. We prepare sweet treats, desserts, and small indulgences to accompany the coffee. Additionally, we cook vegetables from our own garden along with other high-quality ingredients. Our specialties include grilled dishes cooked with various types of wood.


Our winery
and our vineyards

Sanstravé wines and cavas are born in Finca Gasset. Located next to the Camino de Forès, it is the highest part of the municipality of Solivella and corresponds to the DO Conca de Barberà. The red and clay soil of the more than 25 ha of vineyards enhances the intensity of red wines and the transparency of white wines.

If years ago we cultivated these fields from sun to sun and opened one groove and another with the help of cattle, today, witnesses and heirs of this experience, we continue to work and love this land with the precise technological contribution to make an exquisite range of quality wines and cavas.


Rural House Cal Gasset

The country house "Cal Gasset" is the ancestral home of our family, built in 1868, and forms a complex with the Sanstravé winery. The furniture is antique and there is a display of the machines that were used to make wine.

The house has two floors: on one floor there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with a fireplace. On the other floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom with shower. Each of these chambers is named after one of the varieties of wine produced in the winery.


Wines and Cavas