The Cellar

Sanstrave’s wines and cava were started by the Finca Gasset situated next to the “cami de Fores” being on the highest terrain of Solivella. The rich red earth and clay of all the 25 plus vineyards, accelerates the intensity of the red wines and the transparency of the white ones.


Previous generations worked very hard from sunrise to sunset and with the help of animals ploughed the fields passing on their knowledge and experience to future generations who still maintain the passion to continue producing an exquisite variety of wines and cava having the benefit of new technologies.


During the harvest the grapes are hand-picked, in this way only the best grapes are selected to give more quality to our products. At the cellar we monitor the temperature and we apply the carbonic maceration system. The whole making process of our wines and cava including labels and marketing are done by us.