The Cellar


Sanstravé wines and cavas are born in Finca Gasset. Located next to the Camino de Forès, it is the highest part of the municipality of Solivella and corresponds to the DO Conca de Barberà. The red and clay soil of the more than 25 ha of vineyards enhances the intensity of red wines and the transparency of white wines. If years ago we cultivated these fields from sun to sun and opened one groove and another with the help of cattle, today, witnesses and heirs of this experience, we continue to work and love this land with the precise technological contribution to make an exquisite range of quality wines and cavas. We harvest it manually, so we select the grapes to obtain more quality in our products. In the cellar we control the temperature and macerate with carbonic snow. The whole process of making our wines and cavas down to the labeling and marketing goes through our hands.

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