Cal Travé, an old café and inn, is a restaurant that passionately combines the traditional cuisine of the basin with the contributions of avant-garde cuisine. At the Cal Travé restaurant we start the day with the preparation of the bread. Josep Mª and Mª Carmen are in charge of kneading, fermenting and baking the bread dough. We make various types of bread: Labrador, ciabatta, olive, onion, nuts and sultanas, cereals and even sobrassada. Antonio, who is in charge of our organic vegetable garden, harvests the different vegetables to prepare the dishes, which Josep Mª, with the help of Mª Rosa and Montse, cook with other top quality ingredients. Juan Carlos works on the sweet part, preparing the dessert and the little crazy things to accompany the coffee.
We use olive, almond, vine and orange tree wood, where MªCarmen cooks the different meats. Antonio, the sommelier, advises you to taste the wines and cavas from our Sanstravé cellar with DO Conca de Barberà. Sanstravé wines and cavas come from the Gasset Estate.
Located next to the Forès road, it is the highest part of the municipality of Solivella and belongs to the DO Conca de Barberà. The red clay soil of the more than 25 hectares of vineyards enhances the intensity of the red wines and the transparency of the whites.

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